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Well, this is really just an update, but I’ve gotten my town all clean free from weeds. I stayed up until 1:08am just so I could finish it 🙂

So yeah. I won’t post pics until later cause I’ve got stuff to do today so yeah.


Posted by: rocker3 | April 5, 2013


Well, today I’m gonna work on cleaning my town before posting any pics. Its probably really bad since I haven’t played in a while. School and everything gets really stressful. Even more since its near the end of 8th grade and our teachers are loading us down with info and tests. So yeah, keep an eye out for more pictures! I’m gonna try to work really fast on getting my town cleaned. I can’t have anybody help me though. Not that I wouldn’t appreciate the help but my DSi won’t connect to our WIFI 😦

I’m also gonna try and get my DSi connected back to our WIFI so I can have people over to my town. Once I get that working I will post times that I would be available for visits. Thanks for still following my blog and everything 🙂




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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve been so busy with school and Irish Dance shows. *sigh* AND I’ve got THREE TESTS TOMORROW IN SHCOOL! My life is so stressfull.. Oh and if you would like to take a look at some drawings I’ve done take a look here:

So yeah. *sigh*
I’ll try to post more!


Posted by: rocker3 | December 30, 2012


SO sorry I haven’t posted reccently. I’ve been playing a lot of Assassins Creed III and drawing a LOT.


I will try to update more but school has become so time consuming it isn’t funny.


Thats all~!



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Here’s a link to my Facebook page:

please like! I’ll try to update as much as possible! 🙂

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Hello Friends!

How is everybody? I’m happy its summer! NO MORE SCHOOL! 😀


I’ve been playing AC:CF and I’ve realized that I need to get my WIFI able to connect to Animal Crossing. >~<

What I haven’t noticed is that I need new fruit in my town, but none of my animals have any and I can’t let anybody in my town because it won’t connect to the WIFI.


Something else I’ve noticed is that both of my Animal Crossing games require a certain type of WIFI, but we have to have a certain one for one of our systems I think.



I’m also looking for Animal Crossing for GameCube because I heard that if you don’t do a certain update, you can still play it on the Wii. IF ANYBODY IS WILLING TO SELL THEIRS FOR A CHEAP PRICE, I’D BE HAPPY TO BUY!




That’s all! 🙂




Posted by: rocker3 | April 15, 2012

Pics I took today in my town. (Most of my garden)

Sorry if they don’t look too good, took them with my dads iPad. Sorry if they are sideways too. Don’t know why they’re sideways…


my garden tour










lets bein :D





























































haha yay!!! :D

haha yay!!! 😀






I don't even remember which character it was... xD

I don't even remember which character it was... xD




Hope you enjoyed the pics. (Sorry if they did turn out sideways. I couldn’t get them to face normally.)

Rocker3 🙂

Posted by: rocker3 | April 14, 2012

tehee :)

Hey everybody!!


Well, right now I’m in the middle of stealing all of my animals flowers for the flower fest because nook never has enough, and now I have to re-connect our WIFI back to my DSI because it went down for a day, but then my dad fixed it so now I have to get my DSI BACK onto our WIFI just like our PS3 and our Wii. Oh joy. If I get my WIFI back and I can have people come into my town– I NEED HELP DE-WEEDING MY TOWN. I’ve been gone for so long that it got REALLY bad. Dx  So yeah.



Hope to see you soon!!!!!!!! (I’ll make a post as to if you can come to my town or not, and repost my info.)

Rocker3 🙂

Posted by: rocker3 | April 11, 2012


Is it just me, or has wordpress changed a bit since I was last on here???





Posted by: rocker3 | April 11, 2012


Sorry I’ve been gone for so long! School has gotten the better of me since I found a college I’m really into, so I’ve decided to work harder. I’m sorry!! I’m gonna play some tonight and possibly take some pictures and post them. Hope to get my Animal Crossing game hooked up right so I can maybe invite some of my old friends to my town. (it needs a lot of work. weeds, flowers, my house xD )



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